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The Gallery

Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Barcelona that has quickly become a prominent player in the local art scene since its founding by Mrs. Toolip in August 2021. The gallery's versatile 100m2 space hosts a wide range of events, including solo and group exhibitions, making it a hub of artistic activity. With its growing reputation as a benchmark for contemporary art in Barcelona, Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery is sure to continue showcasing innovative and thought-provoking art for years to come. Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery has guested more than 500 international artists. Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery also collaborates with other cultural institutions. Mrs. Toolip art Gallery is child and pet friendly.


The founder

"I'm an Artist and Gallerist (Mrs.Toolip) my artistic name, because of my roots from the Netherlands, I was born in Auckland (New Zealand) in 1990 and brought up in Costa Brava. Art experiences are in my blood because of my family. Art fairs, galleries and art studios used to be my playgrounds as a child.

I travelled across all the continents and kept in love with art and that is why I opened my own First Art Gallery in Barcelona.I guested and promoted more than 500 international artists."

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