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The Toolip Art Contest 2023 is an international competition for artists, open to anyone from any country in the world. All kinds of artworks are allowed in the art contest such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and NFTs, except A.I art.

The contest has been designed to empower and project the artists worldwide, giving them visibility and recognition internationally.

Artists have the opportunity to win several cash prizes and have their works exhibited in the Mrs Toolip Art Gallery in Barcelona. Our independent jury will announce the selection of the 30 finalists, who will participate in the final exhibition at Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery.


DATES:  May 22nd - June 22nd 2023


The goal of this competition is to promote artists, giving them a great opportunity to gain visibility and recognition in the international market. Of the work submitted, 30 pieces will be chosen as finalists. The 30 finalists, in addition to participating in the final exhibition, are eligible to compete for these 8 prizes:

1rst prize : 6.000 € 

2nd prize : 3.000 €

3rd prize : 1.500 €

4th prize :  2 weeks solo exhibition at the Mrs Toolip Art Gallery Barcelona

5th prize:  2 weeks duo exhibition at the Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery Barcelona

6th prize:  2 weeks duo exhibition at the Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery Barcelona

7th prize:  Vallejo fine art products pack ( 1.500 € )

8th prize:  Vallejo fine art products pack ( 500 € )

The works of selected artists will be published in the "Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery" catalogue which will be made for the finalists and will be available for professionals and other organizations invited during the inauguration of the event.


It is very important to highlight that since our mission is to empower the artists and give them visibility, even in the case that the artist have not been selected as finalist, your submitted artworks will be displayed in our website and on our 75" Screen at the Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery in loop mode for one month from May 22th until June 22th 2023.


There are no special qualifications required to participate.

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals from any country.


All kinds of art works are accepted, including digital.

Maximum dimensions are 195 cm height and 130 cm width

All works will be presented by a picture or a video that must be followed by a description of the work.

All works must be available for the final exhibition and have to be artist's property.


  • May 1st, 2023: Applications deadline

  • May 2nd, 2023: Announcement of the 30 finalists

  • May 22th, 2023: Notification of winning artworks at the contest.


The jury will be composed by professionals in the industry.

The jury will select 30 artists for the final exhibition on May 2nd 2023

The jury will be published on the same day of the contest ends on May 2nd 2023


From the final 30 artists participating in the exhibition, eight winners will be announced for first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place who will win either a prize of 6.000 € (six thousand euro) , 3.000 € (three thousand euro), 1.500€ (one thousand five hundred euro), or a SOLO and DUO exhibition at the Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery in Barcelona and Vallejo Fine Art Products for value of 1.500 € and 500 €.

The names of the 8 winners will be announced on the day of the inauguration of the 30 finalists exhibition. (May 22th 2023).

The jury verdict upon the winners is irrevocable. If an issue arises after a piece is selected, the jury will default to the successor. 

The date of the opening will be published on the official website before the subscriptions deadline.

The date of the last day of the exhibition will be published on the official website before the subscriptions deadline.

Selected artists will be contacted for the preparation and submission of material for the final catalogue as well as for the preparation and submission of the works immediately after the subscriptions deadline


Winners of cash prizes will be awarded in accordance with their artworks overall rating, assigned by the jury and the gallery that will host the exhibition.

The range of the rating scale is from 1 to 10 points.

Rating system is formed in the following ratio: 2/3 of the score is given by the jury, 1/3 by the gallery.

Each juror will give a score from 1 to 10 per each artwork. Then we will take the average score given by all jurors that will represent 2/3 of the total score.

The gallery will give a score from 1 to 10 per each artwork and it will represent 1/3 of the total score.


At the day of the inauguration of the exhibition we will announce the cash prize winners for first ,second, third, fourth and fifth ranked artist and they will receive a Award stating the prize, contact information of winners and terms of payment.

That certificate will be sent via email and has to be signed by the winners, and returned again via email. Payment will be proceeded within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the signed certificate from the Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery.


The final exhibition with the 30 finalists will take place in Barcelona at the Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery from May 22th until June 22th 2023.

The exhibition will be organized by Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery

The set-up and the arrangement of works will be chosen by Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery staff in total independence on the basis of spaces and types of works.

The artworks will be displayed and for sale during the whole exhibition and in case of sale, the gallery will take 30% comission plus VAT from the sale price.

With the registration the artist take on all responsibility for any theft or damage of the works entrusted to the Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery during the entire period of the competition, including delivery.

Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery will undertake management in the best way and to take care of all the winning artworks.

The exhibition will be open to the public beginning on the inauguration day and will remain open throughout the entire period according to the schedule (opening and closing time) of the gallery.

At the opening will be invited collectors, press, art professionals, art lovers and, of course, the winners and the members of the jury. The opening will be accompanied by amazing drinks.


All information about terms and conditions of subscription is published on the official website

To register please complete the registration form on the official website

Any subscription requests received by postal mail and/or through email will not be considered.

Before forwarding of registration it will be necessary to choose a method of entry fee payment.

Registration sent will be held in stand-by by the system until payment of the quote is made.

After submitting the registration form, it can't be changed.

The subscription fees depend on the number of submitted works, the more artworks presented the more chances to win:

1 artwork: 50 € - 2 artworks: 90 € - 3 artworks: 120 € - 4 artworks: 150 € - 5 artworks: 160 € - 6 artworks: 180 €


  • By card at the end of the online registration form.




Pictures are loaded automatically through the registration form on the official website.

Pictures can be uploaded with formats: jpg or gif.


It is required to send a (still) video frame for preview in formats: jpg or gif.

The video has to be uploaded on

The system provides automatic resizing of frame for presentation in the preview pages.



The winning artists must submit the following documents to allow the printing of catalogue, in time for the opening day:

  • pictures of the winning work in jpg format.

  • a photo of the artist in jpg or format.

  • description of the work, such as title, technique, year, etc.

  • artist’s curriculum vitae

All materials must be send to:


The delivery and return of the selected works for the exhibition shall be paid for by the artists.

Specifics regarding the delivery and return will be made individually between the selected artists and the staff after the vote results.

Works must arrive properly packaged.

Special issues and arrangements regarding installation of works at the exhibition will be addressed on a case-by-case basis between the staff of Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery and artists. 


By filling out the subscription form on the official website, the artist accepts the policy contained in this notice, including all the articles.

The artist authorizes Mrs.Toolip Art Gallery to process personal data, according to the Spanish law 03/2018 and subsequent amendments.

Personal data and pictures sent must be used for purposes concerning the Toolip Competition. Data of participants as well as pictures of their works will not be sold to third parties or published for commercial purposes.

Artists are entirely responsible for the content of the pictures or text submitted for publication on the competition website, and subsequently for publication in the catalogue.

Mrs Toolip Art Gallery reserves the right to remove any content unsuitable for the competition, unless a writing request by the artists is presented.

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